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Click here Welcome to the world of Sissy Humiliation where we will discuss how much we adore abusing these little bitches and whores online and making them become our little prissy girls.Yes these dirty little cumdumps have become a tool of entertainment for many Mistresses and Master all over the world.Sissy cum guzzling bitches who need to learn and obey the rules of Mistress at all times. You will suck bareback, you will bend over and be fucked bareback, you will devour any cum loads like a desperate hussie, you will beg to be acknowledged and obey every one of the rules set out to you in a timely manner.These are just some of the rules and they will be added to on a weekly basis for all dirty little cum loving, cum bucket and cum dumps to read and learn off by heart.There is no middle ground in our Live online sessions, it is always what I say and that is it. Want to watch a horny sissy slut get used and abused?Dressing them up to look like whores and barking demands of them, punish them if you are not happy at the way they carried out a duty, use cock and ball torture or put them in a chastity device and do not let them wank again.You can always put them over your knee and spank them hard ( OTK).

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If we want them to be maids who serve our guests, then we will dress them up in little frilly maids outfits, if we want them as sluts or cucks we teach them how to be a “good fluffer” and an even better cock sucker.

Use and abuse these sluts and watch them do anything you ask of them.

When it comes to abusing sluts online and putting them in their place then you have found the right place, we thrive on making sissies lives a living hell for our own entertainment and amusement purposes.

Cruel Mistress is waitingto make your sissy life a nightmare, to disgrace you in public and abuse you to the meanest order Training one of these cumsluts to suck good can be a lot of fun for us, making them practice on a strapon, making them adore females wearing strapons, “suck it”, “lick it” “prepare it” is some of the demands shouted at them.

View our erotic bdsm cams Bend them over and own them, own that ass, make it your property, lock their little dicks away in a chastity and do not let them wank again, laugh in their face as they are made to watch you have sex with a real man, make them your cuckold.

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