Sister cam

In another post, he adds a video about Ma$e being a "false teacher."All this seems to stem from Cam name-dropping Ma$e on his new mixtape.On the song, "It's Killa," the Purple Haze MC raps about a situation where he claims he had to protect Ma$e from the boyfriend of some woman he was creeping with.For more from Cam, who is enjoying a solid year-end renaissance, check out the interview in full below.

Ma$e really opened an interesting subject with this one.Charlamagne and Angela proceed to break down some of the lines in "The Oracle," including Mase's claim that he has some incriminating footage."I'd like to see the footage too," says Cam, after playing with The Breakfast Club's official "fart button." He also claims that he was blindsided by "The Oracle" dropping from nowhere, and only found out when his man told his mother to wake him up. After mocking Mase in a few Instagram posts, Cam then dropped another track aimed at his Harlem peer called "Dinner Time." On the song, Cam responded to Mase's claim that the Dipset leader had slept with his own sister. If it’s real post it or don’t tell me about it at all.".

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