Sociology dating curve

Preferably by insulting her and pretending you don’t give a shit about her. “Society tells men they’re supposed to be powerful, this is how powerful people act. They dedicate shows to horrible people who do nothing but party, act like coked out hamsters, pick fights and fuck.Women like power and status.” Meanwhile, Nice Guys continue to put the blame on everybody but themselves and the cycle continues. If you were to listen in on men’s conversations when the subject of dating issues, you would think that assholes – and their close cousin, the Alpha Male – has some sort of mystical, mesmeric power over women; the hint of douchebaggery and Ed Hardy clothing acting as the alchemical formula to getting more ass than a man in a car chase that plows through an ass cart and crashes through a plate ass window. Now maybe women don’t necessarily want passive Nice Guys with their senses of entitlement and passive-aggressiveness, but that doesn’t mean that they want some dickbag who patronizes her, insults her and generally treats her like crap, right? So many, in fact, that they have a Tumblr dedicated to it So… We see people in power acting like assholes, asshole celebrities who seem to be famous strictly for being famous (or for fucking famous people).But hey, it sounds like a simple, easily digestible solution to solving the world’s dating problems, right?When you take a bunch of people with a shaky grasp on evolutionary psychology who try to apply the concept of Alpha onto the convoluted morass that is human sexuality and sell it as advice, you end up with the vague idea that being “alpha” means being “dominant” or “socially superior”.It’s the cry amongst the hapless Nice Guys that women only like assholes and therefore ignore the Nice Guys who would, like, totally treat them with respect man…

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Tally it all up and you could be forgiven for thinking that being an asshole is the common denominator.

The Alpha keeps his position via intimidation and furious violence.

Betas who piss off the Alpha do so at their own risk.

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