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Can you say a little about how hookup culture is part of shaping a larger white culture that prioritizes not only leisure but a sort of idyllic “college experience”?The idea of the idyllic college experience, sometimes described intimidatingly as “the best years of your life,” is new.During the 1700s, though, wealthy families started to send their sons to college to attain degrees and justify their hoarding of wealth and power.These men were much less amenable to tedium and they expressed their discontent with 100 years of riots.These differences in actual experiences translate into different tolerances for hooking up.There’s a strong race and class analysis in the book with respect to what hookups look like.

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Local militias were brought in to tamp down their rebellions, and they sometimes failed. These groups of elite, entitled, mischief-inclined men eventually became fraternity men and, by the 1920s, they dominated the social life on campuses, so much so that way of doing college.Contemporary college culture, then, has its roots in frat culture and frat culture has always been a way for rich white men to exert control over both higher education and their peers.So yes, hookup culture is a racialized, classed, and heterocentric culture as well as a gendered one.You connect a lot of dots in this book between history and economics and sexual mores, and you write “It’s not the hookup itself, but hookup culture” that needs to change. They’re thoughtful about the world and hopeful about the future.Are there optimistic steps that you see actual students taking to change this equation? Given the right resources—knowledge, networks, and institutional support—I’m confident they could change the cultures on their campuses.

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