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Recently a new version, 2.4, came out, so let’s have a look at the installation procedure and how to perform some basic Spacewalk actions This post is an edited update to an older post (Spacewalk 2.2 installation on Cent OS 7) and replaces the information provided to install Spacewalk 2.2 on Cent OS 7. Since the release of Spacewalk 2.3 there is no need to search for workarounds or absent dependencies and Spacewalk can be installed “out-of-the-box”.Since 2.4 only brings minor changes in the installation process, I decided to update this post, originally for 2.3.Refer to the next section to get started with Spacewalk. All that’s left to do is use your browser and navigate to the IP or hosntame of your server.The first time, you will get the possibility to create a new spacewalk user and log in with it: Spacewalk uses the concept of channels.Make sure that there is enough space in the filesystem containing /var/satellite to contain all the packages in the repo.More interesting is to run the synchronization from the CLI and add create a script to sync with the source repository on a daily basis.Choose a name for the repository, add the URL and click on “Create Repository”: In a standard setup you would start with creating repositories for you base OS and update repositories.

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Update Star Free and Update Star Premium come with the same installer.Select the earlier created repo from the list and click “Update repositories”: At this point, the setup is complete but the child channel needs to sync it’s packages with the repository.This can be done with the GUI by navigating to: Channels (top menu) - Sync Now.Navigate to: Channels (top menu) - Create Channel Name the channel and choose the base channel from the dropdown: Click “Create Channel” and navigate to Manage Software Channels again.Select the newly created child channel and click on “Repositories”.

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