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The Ecowatcher’s immediately reached out to Borough President Melinda Katz, Assemblywoman Stacy Amato, State Senator Joe Addabbo and Councilman Eric Ulrich.These elected officials all helped to make the case to the Mayors team that the largest and most exciting environmental project about to take place in the city had to see the additional funds procured .It will be a huge benefit to the park and to the bird species in particular.In addition Bill discussed numerous projects around the bay that he has been involved with and that have made a huge impact on the Habitat of the Bay.

A wetlands, coastal forest restoration that will incorporate a raised berm as both a protective measure and a resiliency feature the project will have the unique concept of a boardwalk , using the restored Rockaway Boardwalk, to allow visitors to walk out over the wetlands to a viewing area that will double as an outdoor classroom.

It will offer spectacular views of the bay and will also have an eco dock for school children to participate in studies.

Exciting project see presentation here Next up was Bill Young discussing Ecological Restoration at the Wild life refuge in which tens of thousands of new native tree species are being planted.

Deputy Mayor Alicia Glen was critical to this effort and the Mayors office of Resiliency, led by Dan Zarilli, helped to identify additional funds in short order to ensure that the bid process would not have to be duplicated and valuable time lost.

This additional funding will also ensure that the fully funded phase two portion of the project can proceed as well.

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