Speed dating job fairs

Create Excitement For The Future With Effective Job Fair Banners A job fair, also commonly referred to as a career fair or career expo, is like speed dating for companies and professionals seeking new employment. A job fair is an event in which employers, recruiters, and schools give information to potential employees and those potential employees try to make the best first impression possible.Job fairs provide an excellent opportunity for employers and job seekers to meet face to face and exchange information and ideas related to the work being discussed.The full range of Job Fair banner templates from Printastic have been professionally designed to deliver high energy messages that are supported by cheerful, business and success oriented graphical elements.Make sure to clearly define the location and date of the job fair on your banner with large lettering and bold, expressive colors.

Once you have researched certain employers, consider making targeted resumes for each one (or different versions for unique types of employers). No matter how much relevant experience or education you have, you can always tailor your resume to highlight your bona fides that might interest a particular employer.

Despite the grind of your law school schedule without one more thing added to it, prioritize your preparation. About John Passmore John Passmore is an assistant managing legal editor in Houston, Texas.

It will take less time than you think, and you will notice the difference. Check out our law school tutoring options at the Law School Toolbox.

Finding the time to actually prepare for a job fair that carries no GPA weight may seem like a waste of time, but some upfront effort could pay big dividends in the long run.

A little preparation can make you stand out among your peers.

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