Speed dating party names how young is too young dating

Continue like this, without removing anyone from the circle, until all of the clothing and accessories are being worn.Then make sure to take a few pictures of you and your glamorous beauty queen friends!You can also give every woman her own bell so she can "ring" in her answer, rather than shouting it out.Print out the list of questions provided using Adobe and add your own!As a group, you can have a taste-test contest to decide who has the absolute best cookie recipe.

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If you are having a girls night near a holiday, you can have a cookie cook off. First, each attendee can bake her favorite cookies at home, and then bring a plate of the cookies to the party.Play just for fun, or award a point to the first person who guesses correctly.The person with the most points can win a special prize, like a free cocktail or free dessert that the rest of the group chips in to purchase.Whoever winds up with the most points by the end of the game wins.Decide on some sort of prize for the winner ahead of time. Some women can get pretty wild with this game, so be careful if alcohol is involved.

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