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Most of what passes for the music industry now is a farce, a put-on in which we all agree to curate an image of relentless cool while being slowly bled dry. We still drive to a town and set our gear up in a room full of strangers and try to tell the truth for an hour.

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Even I am confused by that sentence but let’s proceed on the assumption that it’s a reasonable plan.This occurred to me on the road last week on tour with what must be the only electric band in North America in which no one has a tattoo, or anything pierced. There’s a kind of heliopause where the road life ends and the home life is embarked on but not quite real, and things are clear, the way the light feels scrubbed after a storm.The savor of the road lingers, running jokes replay through the mind so that you laugh under your breath, and the feeling of motion carries like sustain.Nothing in the 'Americana' genre is going to cut it folks, it's mostly soybeans.We're headed out on the road family-style for the rest of the year: put the band family and home family together in one Ford Transit van and never have to miss anyone, that's the plan.

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