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Now, it's the holiday season again, but Molly's family isn't feeling it. How many Jewish protagonists in YA literature can you think of?

And how many of those Jewish protagonists are in Holocaust or WWII stories?

It gives young people and their families the language they need to take steps toward getting it under control.

I loved the ending, particularly the last two sentences.

Once again, authors and publishers, we need more diverse protagonists!

It's getting better slowly, but white characters still dominate today's YA literature. I love that mental illness takes various forms in Saving Red.

What I loved most about this one is its Jewish protagonist, whose family is celebrating Hanukkah.

When we talk about mental illness openly, it removes some of the stigma surrounding.Molly's brother Noah dealt with PTSD after returning from Afghanistan last year. Red tells Molly that she is schizophrenic and manic.She talks to and takes advice from two people who are not there.Molly's father, who we do not see as much of in the story, is also covering his pain by working all the time.I'm no psychologist, but he's probably dealing with depression, too.

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