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The shorter the man, the less fuel you need to keep him going.reinbursement for consolidating loans..

guys from 20 to 29 years of age are under 5-foot-10, the average male height, while only about 20 percent of guys exceed the 6-foot mark.

com looked at 50,000 interactions over two months and discovered that the likelihood that a man under 5-foot-9 is contacted by a Manhattan or Bronx woman online is just 1.

That isn’t necessarily in and of itself a good thing (cough, gender wage gap, cough), it does suggest that short men are doing more to support their partners in terms of both housework and finances.

In fact, the Napoleon Complex is actually code for ridiculously ambitious.

While tall men want to get married earlier, their marriages don t last like those of short men.

Earlier this year, an Oregon State University student was caught broadcasting from the school library, and now MFC no longer allows its models to cam in public.

I even wondered with some concern whether I weighed more than he did, again, not because I felt like I needed to lose weight, but because I had absorbed the cultural script that says that women should be daintier than guys.

like us on facebook Author The argument for dating a shorter man The absolute quickest way that I filter through men that I might be interested in is by height.

As much as I love being tall (most of the time), it has provided me many challenges in life, and has become a very defining characteristic for me.

5 percent of opposite-sex couples, the man was taller than the woman.

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