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Hi all, my name is Suzie and I'm looking forward to being reignited with love/laughter/good times.

I enjoy gardening and the great outdoors as keeping fit is important to me.

Array of food markets (Borough markets, Broadway markets, Columbia Road markets, Brick Lane markets, Brixton markets, Portobello Road markets...) 6.

I spoke to some current Aussie expats and they helped me put together a list of 36 "little things" we Australians have come to love about living in London.

Travel is something that's entrenched in the Australian culture.

There's a certain sense of snobbery passed if you haven't backpacked for an extended period of time or taken off and lived as an expat.

At Blue Label Life we strive to provide unique health and wellbeing advice for the long term benefit of both clients and members.

Cheap and awesome clothes *cough* Primark *cough* 4.

Career opportunities can be bigger than your dreams 25.

The drinking culture in London far exceeds Australia's, honestly 29.

I love being around my friends because they are the funniest people to Hi :) I consider myself to be a warm, passionate, kind person and am looking for someone to get to know and spend some time with.

Have a love and concern for the welfare of all animals.

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    I kind of suspected we might see human remains, and maybe we did, but it was hard to tell from the zebra mussels, said Merryman. Merryman and Eliason have hunted wrecks together for about 27 years and found 20 working together.

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