Sri lanka dating customs

Geolibertarians frustrated with early 20th-century society’s failure to adopt Georgist land taxes built their own private intentional community, which continues to exist in the present day.

23% of people think scientists mostly believe global warming’s not human-caused, suggesting that most skeptics aren’t disbelieving scientists so much as unaware of them.

Related: how have insulin prices increased by 10x in the past twenty years, and what does that mean for diabetics?

Also: Trump nominates man whose firm tripled price of insulin to regulate drug companies.

Legalists on whether people should be allowed to know laws: Georgia’s laws are available only if you pay for access; the state pursues people who publicize them for copyright violation. This Reddit post reminded me of my essay on Kolmogorov complicity.

Many US states have legalized medical marijuana, which in practice means a boom industry of special-purpose clinics where unscrupulous doctors give medical marijuana cards to everyone who comes in, claims to have a symptom, and pays them a fee.

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