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Coincidentally, this was also around the time when Wesley announced that he was divorcing his then-wife, Torrey De Vitto, who played a guest starring role in the series.The Vampire Diaries Cast: Let us know in the comments section.I saw Elena.” Back at the bell tower, Damon and Matt show up to stop Vicki from ringing the bell, but as she tells them, there’s nothing they can do.Damon, desperate to disprove that, throws Vicki off of the bell tower.(Yes I did.) The action starts with Bonnie’s collapse.

Caroline tries using the classic, “It’s Elena” excuse that has worked so many times before, but now, Caroline has daughters who need her.

Phoebe plays feisty werewolf Hayley in the TVD universe.

The two were seen on a double date with actors Ben Mc Kenzie and Shelley Hennig late last month, but there has been no official announcement as of yet.

This is probably the most well-known relationship in TVD history, almost as legendary as the love triangle between Nina's character Elena, Ian's Character Damon and Paul Wesley's character Stefan… They have always been super supportive of one another and let's face it their nice words about each other makes us miss when these two were an item.

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