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‌ If you’d prefer to rent a private property, we can help you find the right place through our registered private housing scheme.

We also have family and couples' accommodation available if you’re coming to the University with your partner and/or children.

[email protected] 01273 678220 Visit us on campus: Housing Services Bramber House, Level 2, North Side University of Sussex Falmer BN1 9QU Visit us off campus: University of Sussex Information Centre 91 Lewes Road, Brighton BN2 3HZ We are part of the Student Accommodation Code, which protects students’ rights to safe, good quality accommodation.

Most first year students live in halls - they're just a short walk from our campuses and a great place to make friends.

Another student at Kiefer Alternative School subsequently purchased the laptop at a bus station for , even though he suspected it was stolen, and turned around and offered it to Clements-Jeffrey for .

Clements-Jeffrey, who was a long-term substitute teacher at Kiefer, says the student told her his aunt and uncle had given him the laptop, but that he no longer needed it after getting a new one.

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