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She took some time off with her children, but basically made a LOT of impressive films.

Nowadays, SHE seems to be the bigger star and she’s one of the lucky over 50 women in Hollywood who keeps getting offers.

That "funky indie teen flick," as KStew referred to it, turned out to be one of the most successful book-turned-movie franchises of all time, raking in almost billion across five films.

But a lot has changed since the days of Team Edward vs.

Eva had been denying pregnancy rumors for months (even in a bikini) – she laughingly claimed she binged on pancakes or cheese.

Back in the 80’s, handsome Don was an impossible ladies man and very difficult to work with.(Above Christian in New York in camo pants) Photo Credit: Pacific Coast News Joe Jonas has made himself a laughingstock in Hollywood by setting up a Go Fund Me account to raise money for his ailing tour manager.Apparently the tour manager, Dan Lipski, got into some kind of accident in Thailand (no details were provided) and he’s hospitalized there, running up big hospital bills.The movie is now in post production but Christian can’t start losing the weight until they are certain there won’t be any reshoots.Meanwhile he’s enjoying the anonymity of an ordinary schlub from the midwest.

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