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If you wish to base your appeal on the values of other properties, you must provide a list of all the comparable properties to the Assessor at least 21 days before the Hearing.

If you miss out any property on which you wish to base your appeal at the Hearing, you may not be allowed to mention it when the time comes.

There are no particular qualifications required of members of the Committee, but its Secretary is a solicitor, who attends to correspondence and advises the Committee on any legal matters.

He takes no part, however, in reaching the Committee's decision.

Sometimes, however, you will be advised later in writing, or at an adjourned Hearing.

The Valuation Appeal Committee comprises a panel of lay men and women who sit to decide appeals against the values which the Assessor has placed on properties in their area.

They are not connected in any way with the Assessor, nor with the Council, although for reasons of administrative convenience they usually sit in property owned by the Council.

At the same time, you can ask the Assessor for a list of his comparables, which he must send you at least 14 days before the Hearing.

Will I be able to have someone to represent me at the Hearing? You may present your case yourself, or you may be represented by someone else.

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