Teen webcam 2013

Watching a girl get naked and take a shower in front of you would have that affect.

Now the plan was she was gonna get dressed in the bathroom and then walk out and that was it the show would be over but instead she wrapped herself up in a towel and came out into the room where we both were.

The idea of this guy watching her shower was turning her on and without her really realizing, one of her hands starting gliding down her body til she was touching her pussy.

She didn't plan on masturbating when in the shower but after a few minutes she said she came to and noticed she was doing exactly that.

She said she turned her body so she can look at her ass in the mirror but made sure her ass was also pointing towards the door that way he can get a good look at her ass and know she wouldn't "know" cause her face was facing the opposite side.

She opened up the shower door and walked into the shower but instead of closing the shower door a bit, she left it completely opened so a whole half of the shower was visible!

Now he's standing up talking to us and answering her questions and that is when all of a sudden she takes her towel off!The other day we made an appointment to get our wifi upgraded to a stronger connection (I know the story starts out hot and heavy).I was cleaning out the area when I realized the router in the room is in a spot that is exactly across from where the bathroom that is attached to our room is, which of course got my mind thinking.Now at this point I'm out of the room so I had to ask her for the details to fill in this part.She said she went into the bathroom but closed the door only about halfway and I know from that angle with that much open, you're pretty much seeing into the whole bathroom.

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