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They might fast, skip meals, make themselves sick, or take diet pills or laxatives to reduce the calories they're digesting.

They may also exercise compulsively in an attempt to burn off large amounts of calories. It's not yet known exactly what causes eating disorders, but a combination of factors seem to contribute to the development of an eating disorder.

Bulimia is a similar condition characterised by a fear of weight gain.

It involves binge eating, where a lot of food (usually junk food) is consumed rapidly, typically alone.

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These can be genetic factors, such as personality traits, or environmental factors, such as physical traumas or difficult life events.

Emotional pressures are a big part of what leads to an eating disorder.

It is important to remember this when you approach your teen about their eating behaviours. Many young people - as many as 70% of teenage girls, and a smaller but growing number of boys - go on diets.

"Anorexia in boys can often show up as excessive exercising as well as under-eating." But teenagers with an eating disorder go much further.

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