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I’m always a fan of dressing to impress, so perhaps it’s the allure of walking down the red carpet in a slinky bias cut dress that captures my heart most!

What do you like most about ’30s fashion after reading today’s post?

However, those who did predict it — and managed to pass the business on to their families — have seen near miraculous long-term growth in their investments.

Despite being a period of economic struggle, 1930s clothing was an era of revolutionary style thanks to advancements in clothing production, the popularity of Hollywood cinema as well as the increased resourcefulness of daywear fashion because of the Great Depression.

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The top has an eyelet treatment, and it fastens with lucite buttons.

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It was a surprise hit to the high society market because knit suiting was new to a woman of that caliber’s closet and pedigree of taste.

The feedsack dress trend continued into the ’40s but not so much for economical reasons, and more so for patriotic ones.

With rations on materials, feedsack companies released patriotic prints with “V” for victory that women would sew their daywear dresses from.

THE PIECE: A “feedsack” dress, which is a dress made from the material of a sack of animal feed.

TREND HISTORY: The trend of the feedsack dress began in the ’20s when resourceful women realized they could upcycle the material of sacks into clothing for themselves and their family.

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