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Women's private parts outnumbered penises two to one in the first episode.

Dating Naked caused controversy when the first series aired in 2016.

Outgoing Jackie Galloway is found strangled and bound with ritualistic knots.

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The remaining two shoppers will go head to head in the aisles to try and bag the all-important date.

From Manhattan to Newark, NJ, Vanity Fair Special Correspondent Bryan Burrough tracks this wild tale of medical fraud, stolen drugs and unspeakable crimes.

The discovery of four women’s bodies on Gilgo Beach was just the beginning. Investigators uncover multiple suspects and shocking theories, as they race to capture this prolific killer before he strikes again.

Naked Attraction sees a single man or woman select one date from a selection of six.

Potential dates stand naked in cubicles with a raising door which first shows them from the waist down, then the neck down, and finally the door rises completely to reveal the face – with potential dates whittled down to two with undesirable matches being asked to leave each time the door raises.

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