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The meeting was com- posed of ministers of the following de- nominations: Baptists, Methodists, and Presbyterians. He was interested in knowing what the people thought of his work and chose a rather certain way of finding out. and during his life held many prominent positions as educator and Presbyterian minister. Gwyn served as superintendent of the Reidsville school system, the first dean of St. Rec- ently his membership was moved to Fayetteville Presbytery in whose bounds he had retired at Southern was not all. They had been say- ing among themselves, "Who shall roll us away the stone from the door of the tomb? 'He is not here, but is risen." That glorious message is our message today. When things seemed darkest, they were really brightest. This building is used for our church suppers, the young people have weiner roasts and programs and it is in con- stant use when the Daily Vacation Bible School is held. The Woman's Demonstration club of the county have used the building for large groups. Wedding receptions and many showers for newly weds are also held in the building. This has meant some cancelling of outdoor ac- tivity for the young people in May, but action has gone on. Jefferson Church observed Communion; and on Friday of Holy Week there was the annual half-hour union service at noon, with Rev. The hospital will cost ,000,000 and will contain 75 modern rooms, and equipment. Johrtse Woodie from the Glendale Springs, and Edgar Miller from the Laurel Fork Church. j j Telephone 246-2581 j Burgess Furniture Store Wishes For A Happy Christmas and New Year. E FOUR THE ASHE PRESBYTERIAN DECEMBER 10R7 Millers Have Golden Wedding On Nov. As we felt the gladness of the even- ing and the faithfulness to the mar- riage vow of these good people, we would say what an example to the married couples of our country, who are not faithful to their promises. Ill Memory Thomas I, Goss, born in Ashe county on January 8, 1913. He served for several years as the Chief of the Lansing Vol- unteer Fire Department and a-; chair- man of the Lansing School Commis- sion. Birth Announcement A baby boy, Tracy Terrell Hall, was born to Mr. Robert Hall on October 1, in the Ashe Memorial Hos- pital, Jefferson, N. Belk's Department Store Wishes For A Happy Christmas. So very far apart The roots of sin are diggin' in At every American heart. Cassel had served as druggist in many capacities for 53 years. The picture in the cut did not get in last paper so we present it to you now. We hope there will be others who will follow their example. Basketball In Memorial Bids- Recreation facilities in the Memorial Building at Glendale Springs are in constant use all winter. Sev- eral teams from the county use the building each week. in concerned about co-or- dinating the work of the several de- nominations in the Appalachian reg- ion, and about finding ways in which the whole Church can witness more effectively among the mountain peo- ple. Continued ficm page 1) the service from the Baptist Church with its installed radio facilities. Having a Hin- due background and being an old man he never would consent to follow the Lord in baptism. A campaign is well underway for the county's part of a facility to cost 8,- 000.00, Ample acreage is under option for a runway to be 4500 feet in length and 95 feet wide — paved and lighted with a right of way of 600 feet. Rising, He giveth His shroud to the sod; Risen, He liveth, And liveth to God. Unquestionably prohib- ition is one of the first steps toward ending the violence.

Other churches are usu- ally represented at the meetnigs but were not present at this meeting. He mingled with the people who came to see the painting and listened so that he might hear their comments. "That's Jesus." The artist looked at the painting with a puzzled expres- sion on his face, pretending not to un- derstand, and questioned the boy again, "Why is He on the Cross? "He died that we might be forgiven." The artist was greatly impressed with the child's answer and after lingering a moment passed on into another part of the art gallery. " After all, I wonder if that isn't the message of Easter. They placed His body in a tomb and securely seal- ed that tomb by rolling a great stone across its entrance. Andrews College, Laurenbur™ Dean of the Flora Mac- donald College, member of ihe David- son College faculty, and retired presi- dent of the Glade Valley School, near Sparla. " But as they approached the tomb they discovered with wonder that the stone had bepn removed and the body was no longer there. "He didn't stay dead." I suppose one would say that the night after the Crucifixion was the darkest night in the history of the world. The message of Easter is that though the sun goes down, the dawn will come again. The Presbyterian Manse has been established at Glendale Springs be- cause it is very convenient to many parts of the Glendale Field. Back in March, the Crusaders gave a song service for the old folk at Rest Home No. The church provided preaching services al- so on Palm Sunday and on Easter at Rest Homes No. Russell Youns, of the Meth- odist Church bringing the message — found in the second word from the cross. Land has already been allocated for the purpose of building this hospital east of Jefferson on Highway 221 to- ward Glendale Springs. The last paper published before filling out form of information was Sept., 1967. A deliciou; din- ner was served at the Williamson Restaurant. "Complete Furnishers of The Home" i West Jefferson, N. 12 it was a delight to at- tend the Golden Anniversary which is the 50th year of the marriage of Mr. died in Baptist Hospital Winston-Salem, on Septem- ber 15 1967. In Memory Dexter Philmore Wyatt, 46, passed away Nov. "The Home of Better Values" North Wilkesboro, North Carolina j Hodges Drive-In Cleaners & Shirt Laundry j ! Oh oray, dear Christian and sinner, For the "old religion" again; A good old fashion revival to break Loose the roots of sin. He was an ardent Christian and ever ready to speak a word for his Lord. There are others who are in the organi- zation who did not get in the picture, and who also serve. The Laurel Fork Church welcomes Mike Blevins, and Larry Cox. The teams that use the building are the Sprague Elec- tric, Phenix Chair Company. Other teams from the county are also using the gym, as they play games with the above organizations. Members have experimented with radio broadcasts, compiled a booklet on the ten Presbyterian Colleges in . held seminars for pas- tors new to the area, and urged our Boards of Education to consider the need for special curriculum materials for Sunday Schools and Bible Schools in the Appalachian region. The sermon which went out over the coun- ty that day was upon the subject of "God's Strange Providences". Failing in this ob- ligation robbed Captain Dick of much blessing even though it would not rob him of his Salvation I asked Khoka, "Are we going to give Captain Dick a Christian funeral or not? Any twin engine plane or small jet can land or take off from it. Easter Greetings Miller's Jewelry Bulova & Elgin Watches Keepsake Diamond Rings West Jefferson, N. j Witnessing Season Is Promoted In discussing measures he used to control the Newark riots, Gov. The situation of the unemployed and underprivileged of any race in any city in our nation would be greatly improv- ed if beer, wine and whiskey were never available.

Recently a very interesting game was played by a team from the Phenix Chair Company and Sprague Electric Company. Boys from Ebenezer, Laurel Springs, and Glendale participate in many games during the winter months. Jones Woodie, a member of the Glendale Springs Pres- byterian Church. Towel calendars were sold before Christmas by the youth to make some special money for their activities. " (Written by Fanny Crosby at Eight Years of Age) wife, Mrs. New fields have opened up and we are still in the jelly stage as to how to handle them. May God bless the Shaw family with the happy addition. Belk's Department Store Wishing to All "A Happy Easter" North Wilkesboro, North Carolina •! Entering the dump I saw about 100 people aging from 5 to 50 years. As many of our people know, Miss Calhoun spent several years working in this field of churches. At Glendale Springs one room of the Presbyterian Church wa opened all day and Bibles and prayer program was placed upon the table that people could drop in for prayer at any time. j POWER AND TELEPHONE LINES as well as trees had to bear a heavy burden during the recent storm which hit Glen- dale Springs hard. C, Johnson County, ^enn., and Grayson and Washington Counties, Va. Bennett director of Federal Bureau of Prisons puts blame on T. The Memorial Building, with its fine gym- nasium has proved a great blessing to the activities of the Glendale Church and Field. to do the Frances Foreman To Wed This Month We recently received an invitation to the wedding of the daughter of Rev. May God give his richest blessings upon the marriage of Frances and Paul. These young peo- ple are from the Glendale Springs Presbyterian Church. As these young people learn in their academic training, we pray they shall also develop in the wisdom of God in Christ. There is no other book that records so much about the period from Abraham to Paul as the Bible. Do you refuse to see a person in need because you do not have the time to help or do not want to spend your own money on him? Jeff- erson Presbyterian Church, where she h;i- ner membership.

The young people from the Laurel Fork Church also enjoy playing bask- etball on an occasional Thursday night. Bare had professed his faith in Christ to him at various times. Linzie Woodie was a professing Christian, and was a long standing member of the Baptist Church. Bibles for church use have been bought by the young people in mem- ory of Jerry Caudill who lost his life by accident in camp in Alabama. Zeta Miller, and their two daughters, Reta and Anita. New scien- tific discoveries seem larger than our human ability to handle. Jesus said, "I Am The Resurrection" Rose Grocery Where friends meet to wish you a Happy Easter. •• Good Used Clothing and Household Items | Outfit Your Whole Family For Just A Few Dollars. She has helped to organize several new churches in the Assembly and is doing a very effecient work. Richard Luke Is Given Tribute Grandmother on a winter day Milked the cows and fed them hay Slopped the hogs and saddled the mule And got the children off to school. Prayer was held at basketball practice in the Memorial Building. The whole world needs to pray — Did you prav for peace and forgiveness on the World Day of Prayer? This building was mentioned in the survey as a community building. Kenneth Foreman, who sei-ved as pas- tor in the Lansing Field of Presbyter- ian Churches. An^se Stroud Ts Now At H o m e We are glad to know Anffie Stroud is at home and doinft well. Miller is teaching in the Clinch Valley Col- lege, and Mr. We wish these young people a Christian Home and a happy marriage life. Sherry Mc Grady from the Laurel Fork Presbyterian Church is in her first year at Montreat College. "The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom", Prov. And the other records that do exist verify the Bible and confirm its history at many points. God knows your selfishness, and still he loves you. And he can and will make a difference in your life, if you will accept him and turn your life over to him. Ross Weaver, of Lansing, and is a founder of the Lansing Church. Maude Goss, of Lansing, was restored to the active roll. Grace Carter Paisley united with the Church by pro- fession of faith and baptism. The Lansing Church welcomes these members and looks forward to years of fellowship and service with them in the name of Jesus Christ. THE JOHNSON FAMILY, who have moved to Ashe county to retire. The Johnsons have „hree children — Miss Barbara Virginia, who is teach- ing music in the Wilmington School system; Miss Lydia Fuller, a Sopho- more in St. Johnson has his membership in Concord Presbytery, of which he has been a member for twenty years.

The meeting was out in time to arrive home ' just as the Cub Scouts and parents set down to a covered dish supper at the church. Greetings from ROBERT'S DRUG STORE "All prescriptions carefullv filled" Phone 246-2761 West Jefferson, N. MOUNT JEFFERSON CHURCH NEWS Conunut'i • rum , -^ i . Having begun it this winter sea- son, the Senior Young People, on Sun- day night, February 5, had their monthly study of Catechism questions and answers. Some of the members of the Pres- byterian Church in Ashe county will perhaps remember when Dr. No human being can be sure what goes on from there. The air is but incense; the sky purest blue; The morning is springtime, yet there is no dew. In the Ebenezer Field of All kinds of good insurance. Laurel Fork Church is well situated on one of the main high- ways, Hwy. It is very much alive with a good group of young peo- ple growing into the church life. Well, its getting late so I better sign out for now. Not only is Villard di- recting the welfare work but is very active in Presbyterian Church work in Catawba county. \cuf pnrqnv TFPT 4 isj PAGE SEVEN Prayer By Tennyson Pray for my soul. Glen- dale is becoming a favorite place for summer homes. There was the loss of a dear friend in mid-December, when Dr. January 1968 soon brought stormy and wintry weather. We hope to make this repair at once and use the large room in the Sunday School Building for church services until the repair is completed. Has it caused you to commit yourself to Christ, so that your main concern in life is, really, to do the will of God? I felt that the Bible was a book of stories about people and Liss Darnell Joins Glendale Church Miss Juanita Darnell was received in the Glendale Springs Presbyterian Church on profession of her faith in Christ.

February 2 witnessed the Punxsuta- wney rodent see his shadow, for it was a bright sunshiny day. Then on Friday of that week, our church was represented at the union service for the World Day of Prayer at the Big Laurel Mennon- ite Church. 25 the com- munity awoke to 8-degree-below-zero weather. Sydnor worked in the summer Bible Schoob and Evangelistic Services in the coun- ty. Sydnor was a young man in his teens and served as tent boy and song leader. Life's road grows dim, earth's bady grows old, And soon you will leave; your story may have been bold. The master walks among his numerous friends, No need for protection, no wickedness within. The reason that some churches do not seem to grow is that they are con- stantly sending out people to other churches. Always, Jerry Villard Blevins Now In Conovcr The Ashe Presbyterian is always in- terested in the young men who have gone out from the county, and their advancement. Easter Greetings C & C Recs Service j Phone 246-3741 Ralph Campbell ; All Work Guaranteed j Dayton Tires j West Jefferson, N. | B iss Lois Calhoun Visits Glendale Field Grandmother The Glendale Field of Churches were delighted to have Miss Lois Calhoun visit our field on the weekend of Feb- ruary 5. Yours for a Happy Easter Spainhour's Choose your Ladies', Girl's and Children's Apparel for Winter and Spring. Mere things are wrought by prayer Than this world dreams of. About 12 such homes have been built in the last three years within 2 miles of Glendale. should be proud of a church with such a unique position, where millions of travelers from all over the United States can get a glimpse of one of their church buildings. Bruce Porter passed away just a month and three days after Mrs. High winds on the 4th blew down a porch post at the Manse; and on the 8th the local radio station announced that the thermomet- er had hit zero. issionary Visits At Lansing Church In February, as a part of the church's emphasis on the season of witness, the Reverend Malcolm Bullock, a mis- sionary to Taiwan, spoke at the Lan- sing Church. Bullock joined the congregation at a fellowship supper, and then met with the children and taught them some Taiwanese songs. Bullock describe the situa- tion and the work in Taiwan, and to see some slides of that country and its people. When I was a child I somehow got the idea that the story of Jesus — in fact, the whole story of the Bible — was a kind of make-believe. Juanita is a graduate of the deaf school at Morganton, N. The congregation of the Glendale Springs Church gives Juanita a hearty wel- come into their Christian fellowship.

It is planned to accept students in grades 5 through 12. Defects In Survey (Continued from page 5) main roads to Ashe county. Good crowds a T tended the meeting and there were many who reconsecrat- ed their lives to Christ. Schum who is talented in many ways illustrated his sermons with char- coal drav/ings, and also gave us inspir- ing music on the accordion. No longer echoes to childish feet, But I see it all as the shadows creep, And though many the years have been Since then, I can hear mother ask, "Are all the children in? Thus, we have three precious new little Cradle-Rollers.

The program will be in operation from June 10 until July 15. Holiday Dinner At Glendale A united fellowship and Thanksgiv- ing Dinner was held at the Memorial Building on Sunday evening at 6 p. An offering for the Orphan's Home at Barium Springs was received amount- ing to .00. Pepper Bottling Company j Drink nothing stronger than Dr. t Tis many and many a year since then, And the old house on the hill And the yard is still, so still. There was the little girl, Billy Tara Callo- way, born on Dec. 13 just two months after little Scarlett Leigh Baldwin of October 13 — young Russell Wilson Barr salu*ed the last month of the year.

January of '67 gave us our first real taste of low temperatures during the current winter, but even at that we had open weather in the mountains. Inquiries for catalog and applica- tion should be addressed to David W. Phone 246-7581 Night 246-9425 REMINDER OF PIONEER DAYS Lee Miller, of Glendale Springs, uses a yoke of oxen and a sled to travel over the ice covered roads. The Glendale Springs Presbyterian Church is situated in a very stragetic position. A week later, on Christmas Sunday, the Nativity theme was taken up under the subject of "The House of Bread (Beth-Lehem)". Bob was a favorite with the peo- ple in this field and did an excellent work among the young people. We hope to make the rooms more comfortable for the children's classes. ISSUED QUARTERLY— MARCH JUNE, SEPTEMBER and DECEMBER Subscription Price 25c Per Year Entered as Second Class Matter Postage Paid, July 21, 1925 at the Post Office of Jefferson, N. Tom Murrell "And as they were frightened and bowed their faces to the ground, the men said to them. They were seeking the dead body of Jesus, because they did not know that he was alive. Five or six women went to the tomb on that cool, misty Sunday morning to anoint the body of Jesus — to prepare it for its final rest. They had followed and they had seen his body laid in the tomb. For Jesus to be alive after all he had suffered — and after they had seen him dead — was too good to be true. The whole story of Jesus of Naze- reth, and about God loving the world so much that he sent his only Son, is almost too good to be true.

The building is constantly used for social gatherings of the Glendale community; such as showers, demon- stration meetings, and wedding re- ceptions. Funeral service was held at the Steele Presbyterian Church and burial was in the church cemetery. Gwyn was a man of many tal- ents and one of the church's most ded- icated men. May God bless and comfort his family who mourn his passing. was held in the Glendale Springs Pres- byterian Church on February 11. Cooked a supper that was delicious Afterwards washed up all the dishes, Fed the cat and sprinkled the clothes And mended a basket full of hose, Then sat down to the organ And started to play "When You Come to the End of a Perfect Day." — Selected. Luke organiz- ed will have these records for sale to those who are interested. Hartman of the Hart- man Music Store of West Jefferson, N. The marriage ceremony of Linda Kay Beard and Marvin Worth Hall was conducted on the evening of February 11, at the home of Mrs. A beautiful kitchen has been devel- oped by the Women of the Glendale Church, and a nice dining room has been completed with a beautiful fire- place. WM;0i'S m Wm&wfc: OSCAR ELLIOTT, superintendent of the Glendale Springs Sunday School took a snapshot of two visitors, Joe Carroll and Larry Whimey from Columbia Bible College. The angel exclaimed, "But, Lord, how will they hear? , Peter has already denied you three times; James and John are hotheads. Three great enemies rob many Christians of the joy of serving Christ and their fellowmen. "Brethren, make a decisive dedication of your bodies, i. He was a good athlete, and the young people enjo3'ed many games of volley and basketball in which Frank participated. i i i COMPLIMENTS OF \ Bnrgess Furniture Store "Complete Furnishers of The Home" Telephone 246-2581 West Jefferson, N. "Glory To God In The Highest" The Ashe Presbyterian VOLUME L JEFFERSON, N. Fred Miller, of Laurel Springs, who recently celebrated their 50th Wedding Anniversary. Morgan The earth is quiet now, her fruit and grain Relinquished to our hands. Security and Service since 1924 Phone 838-7125 North Wilkesboro, N. Each month two women are assigned the work of clean- ing the church and placing flowers up- on the table for services. He was educated at the Mc Callie School, Davidson College (A. Spainhour's Christmas Greetings and A Happy New Year. North Wilkesboro and Elkin, i i North Carolina j i DECEMBER, 1967 THE ASHE PRESBYTERIAN PAGE SEVEN County Youths Are Attending College We always miss our young people who go off to college, but we rejoice in their aspirations to go on in their training. The basic message is that God loves you and me — that he loves you and me so much that he sent Jesus into the world in order that our sins might be forgiven and we be reconciled with God. It is illustrated by a torch with four blazes sending forth their light. Since this deep snow, a number of smaller wind snows have fallen, and the thermometer has con- sistently remained far below freezing. i i North Carolina | i MARCH 1P-3R Johnsons Retire In Ashe County THE ASHE PRESBYTERIAN PAGE FIVE Rev. Rose Grocery Easter Greetings Where friends meet to wish you a Happy Morning. j Season's Greetings Parker Tie Company Everything for Building. PAGE SIX THE ASHE PRESBYTERIAN MARCH, 1968 Whither Bound? Gene Gurganus, Pakistan Missionary One never knows what a day may bring forth and especially in Pakistan where it seems we meet a new crisis every day.

Although the building is not complete in many details, yet it is pro- ving to be a most useful building in the activities of the Glendale Springs Field. "Well done thou good and faithful servant" is well spoken of him. BARE Funeral service was held at the Peak Creek Brethren Church on Jan- uary 13 for Jessie Bare, who was 89 years old. Bare had been a farmer in Ashe county most of his life. COLVARD LEE MILLER Funeral service for Colvard Lee Miller. Beard And Hall Vows Exchanged Before Richard Luke passed away a recording of his original compositions was made and the radio station WKBC broadcast this music with a tribute to him. Any pro- ceeds gained by the sale will be u^ed as a music scholarship for worthy young musicians. The Women meet around this fireplace for their meetings. Larry and Joe came up with Chris Lubkemann for the weekend. Gene Gurgamis Missionary To Pakistan God needs you! Surely we need God, but some may hesitate to accept the statement "God needs us". After Christ had ascended to Heav- en, an angel came to Him and inquir- ed, "Lord, now that you have finished the work of providing salvation for all men when are you going to send us angels to bear the Good News (Gos- pel) to every land? " "My disciples wil Hake the Gospel to every land'', answered the Lord. Remember the time they asked you to call down fire from heaven and burn up a village that would not receive you? We trust he will return to see us whenever he can make a trip to our field. We pray that God will richly bless Frank in his senior year at college, and he will return to see us again. C, DEC, 1967 Return Postage Guaranteed NUMBER 4 Two Million Dollar Hospital To Be Built In Ashe County Soon Ashe County made an extensive campaign for the purpose of adding to the old hospital, but to receive gov- ernment funds a new hospital was sug- gested. the Church Extension Committee, of Winston-Sal- em Presbytery invited kev men from each non self-supporting congregations to meet at the Yadkinville Presbyter- ian Church. Dolphus Philmore and Iva Bum- garner Wyatt, of Mc Grady, N. He is survived by his wife, Dorothy Billings Wyatt, one son, Dennis, and a dau liter, Vanessa Wyatt. Her voice is still, The gold and crimson gone from every hill, The cold, frost-whiteness blanketing each lane. and received her Mast- er's Degree in Wake Forest College, Winston-Salem, N. At present a box for Barium Springs is being packed for the orphanage. Liston, President of King College since 1943, has announced plans to retire at the end of the current aca- demic year. Liston was born at Oxford, Ala- bama December 10, 1398, the son of the Rev. B., 1920); Union Theological Seminary, Rich- mond, Virginia (B. M., 1925); the University of Marburg and the Uni- versity of Edinburgh (Ph. He served a Pastorate in Scotland and then became Assistant Professor of Hebrew at Union Seminary, following which he was Pastor at Richlands, Va.; then associate Professor of Bible and Philosophy at Southwestern at Mem- phis (1937-40); President of Davis and Elkins College (1940-43); and Presi- dent of King College since 1343. ^ $n$ if : *^^$§iflliiill WSBSBm BBBBHK ■^w ^Ssl mm WOMEN OF THE CHURCH at Glendale Springs, who are very active this year. Season's Greetings Phone 246-4621 I West Jefferson, i N. j The C & S Shopping Center , j Best Wishes For Christmas j j All your grocery needs, and 5 & 10c Store j j Phone 384-3544 Lansing, N. I Rose Grocerv Best Wishes For A Christ Filled Christmas And New Year Where friends meet to wish you a Happy Morning. The following are at college this year from our field of Glendale Springs Churches. And, like the fact that Jesus Christ is alive, it is almost unbeliev- able; and once it gets through to us, the rest of the Bible story — the mirac- les, the prophecies, the "impossible" things — the rest is relatively unim- portant, and completely possible. The four blazes stand for the following efforts that the members are asked to observe diligently. If we are the lights of the world, we should let our light shine through the church and make it shine by our united ef- fort. As I write this article, zero weather and below is reported in Ashe county. "If You Are Building, See Us" j Dial 246-2611 West Jefferson, N. One morning as I went to the office at the Bible Information Central, Khoka, chief clerk of our Cor- respondence School, said. Captain Dick as we af- fectionately called him was my barber for ten years in the city of Chitta- gong. George Romney banned liquor sales in Detroit but many Negroes were wel lsupplied at home from liquor stores looted during the day.

(The fable from Pennsylvania, however, worketh not in Carolina, since "sunshine or overcast", we get our six weeks winter (Continued on page 3) Special Prayer For Assembly Atlanta — Dr. Millard Jr., stated clerk of the General Assembly, has called attention to an Assembly request asking churches to offer special prayer for the meeting of the Assem- bly. -v, r\ "'m ;..., H Memorial Building Is Popular Place For Activities Bobby Richardson To Speak In May At Glendale Springs Bobby Richardson, the Yankee sec- ond baseman will speak in the Mem- orial Building at Glendale Springs on May 1 at 7 p. Bobby, who has re- tired from baseball this year has been throughout his career an outstanding baseball player, a consistant hitter, and the holder of several records in baseball. and is in constant demand as a Christian speaker for young people, as well as to adults. Others who survive are 10 grandsons, 1 granddaughter, and 1 step-granddaughter. Miller made a profession of his faith when he was a young man at the Orion Methodist Church. A new troop of Scouts has been chartered this month, with the Mt. Quotation for the month, attributed to the Christian soldier, Charles Gor- don, whose death was dramatized in the picture, "Khartoum''. * EASTER GREETINGS TO ALL Burgess Furniture Store "Complete Furnishers of The Home" J j ( Telephone 246-2581 i i West Jefferson, N. \ PAGE FOUR THE ASHE PRESBYTERIAN MARCH, 1967 Young People At Glendale Active The young people at Glendale have been very active this winter. Kenneth Foreman, who was pastor in the Lan- sing Field in Ashe. We wish him God's blessings as he serves as instructor in worship and music. With bodily features, yet you spring, To exist or live the time tunnel you bring. They are winning souls in- to the Kingdom but constantly send- ing these members to city and town churches where they move to get work. We've been working extra long hours and all day last Sun- day. We have a nice church and a good chaplain of the Protestant Faith. It seems that one tends to slack off in his duties to the Lord during times of prosperity but during times of danger or sickness we tend to grow humble and revrent. Miss Calhoun is now working for the Board of Extension for the Presbyterian Church. Luke, former pastor of the Ebenezer Church performed the nuptials. Where- fore, let thy voice Rise like a fountain for me nieht and day. There are very few churches close to the Blue Ridge Parkway, and we are fortunately situated within sight of one mililon and a half tourists who travel the parkway in a summer sea- son. The Northwest Trad- ing Post is also at Glendale Springs. Once in a while tourists come down to the church and worship with us. On the 13th, snow was knee-deep everywhere and piled high down the center of West Jefferson's main thoroughfare as the men kept the two lanes of traffic open. Cold weather, a make-up basketball game, and sickness, combined to keep attendance down, but all who attend- ed enjoyed Mr. Mission School Held At Lansing Several members of the Lansing Church and their children, have been enjoying a series of classes on Sun- day nights on this year's Witness Sea- son theme, "Christ and the Faiths of Men." The adults, led by the pastor, Mr. have been studying the book, "The Bible and the Faiths of Men", which talks about the Christ- ian faith in relation to the other re- ligions of the world. Pearl Osborne has been teach- ing the children, using a story book entitled, "The Mysterious Mr. events that may or may not have hap- pened, and no one could prove wheth- er they really happened or not.

The request comes from a recom- mendation dating back to the 1863 As- sembly which asks all churches "to offer special prayer during the devo- tions of the Sabbath preceding the meeting of the General Assembly in each year, that God would of great mercy so give the Assembly the wis- dom that cometh from above, and so direct all its plans, discussions and de- cisions, as to promote His own glory, and advance the Kingdom of Jesus in the earth." The 1967 General Assembly of Pres- byterian Church in the U. It is with pleasure we can secure a nationally known Christian athlete to speak in Ashe county. Richardson is an ardent worker for Christ, and makes many talks in witnessing for his master. The Ashe Presbyterian gives Bobby a most cordial welcome to our county, and many will be glad to hear him speak on May 1. In his latter years he witnessed that he was ready to go when God called him. Miller lived across the riv- er, it was a familiar sight to see him poling his boat to the other side. ASHE MINISTERS OPPOSE WHISKEY (Continued from page 1) ous toll of death on the highways. Pepper Bottling Company Easter Happiness Dial 246-4591 West Jefferson, N. On Feb- ruary the 5th which was Youth Sun- day, the superintendent of the Sunday School, Mr. Kenneth was one of the editors of the "Ashe Presby- terian" while he was in this field, be- fore going to China in world mission work. Edgar Miller was over 68 years when he was called from this life. Resolution Our Lost Sense Of Sin "Oh, what a happy soul am I Although I cannot see. Laurel Fork Presbyterian Church and Glendale Springs Church are like two fortresses commanding the two (Continued on page 8) ! PAGE SIX THE ASHE PRESBYTERIAN MARCH, 1967 Letter From Jerry Hamby Is Written Fro in Vietnam Dear John and Mary (Luke) How is everything there or. I remember you teaching me that a Boy Scout is "Trustworthy, Loyal, Helpful, Friendly, Courteous, Kind, Obedient, Cheerful, Thrifty, Brave, Clean, and Reverent." It seems this al- so applies to a soldier. Her special wcrk is making surveys in growing areas in the south. May God bless these young people as they establish their home. — .• 11 Dial 246-3251 The Season's Greetings to all. For what are men better than sheep or goats That iiourish a blind life within the brain, If knowing God, they lift not hands of prayer For so the whole round earth is every way Bound by fold chains about the feet of God. For the little ones, Four and twenty jailbirds Packing tommy-guns, When the scene is finished The blood is ankle deep Wasn't that a pretty dish To send the kids to sleep? The Trading Post was brought about by the Men of the Glendale Church who got together and tried to improve their community. On Sunday, January 14, deep snow off the main track made parking im- possible; so the ministers of the West Jefferson Baptist and Presbyterian Churches put together a radio service for their snow-bound flocks, and gave (Continued on page 3) Book Shelves Are Installed In Clmrcli The small room adjoining the pul- pit can be used for a small library for the Glendale Springs Presbyterian Church. Cobb." The Sunday night classes are con- tinuing into March, but the emphasis is on action — on person to person evangelism — with filmstrips to dem- onstrate the idea of witnessing for Christ through sincere friendship. But a Christian was supposed to believe that they happened, because the Bible said so.

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