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The album was awarded the 2011 WA Best Independent Country Music Album and no less than four self-penned songs from it were awarded song-writing awards from festivals across Australia with three of the singles released to Australian Country Radio charting in the Australian Country Music Charts – two of them (A Man In Boots and Steamy Dreams) being Top 5 hits.

Bayless made an appearance yesterday at ’s Celebration Weekend in Menlo Park, and Grub Street San Francisco grabbed a few words with him to discuss any possible expansion plans he has for the West Coast, the meal he had at Manresa on Saturday, and where in Mexico he’s been loving to eat lately. And last night, it wasn’t so much in San Francisco but down here [on the S. I have to say, and people always laugh out loud when I say this, but Tijuana is one of the great food cities of North America. And the market that’s in downtown Tijuana is just spectacular. And if you want to get really rooted in the indigenous cuisine you have to go to Oaxaca. You know that ten percent of the population of northern Mexico is Asian, and a good portion of them are Chinese who settled there in the 1880s. Some people put beer in the batter, some people put water.

(Hint: The eighth season of his PBS show just wrapped, and as Grub Street Chi has already noted, it’s entirely focused on the Baja peninsula.) Do you get to San Francisco often? Tijuana has people from all over Mexico who have settled there, and that means that their market is different than other places. There’s sort of a triangle, between Mexico City, Veracruz, and Oaxaca, and if you use that as a guide, you’ll get three different cuisines, and three sets of flavors, and yet there’s a shared history that ties them together. Other people could argue with me endlessly about that. One of the great dishes of western Mexico is called and it’s a whole butterflied fish grilled over a wood fire, and the marinade has soy sauce in it. Every house has got soy sauce in it and if you ask them ‘Why are you using soy sauce? We did a whole piece in the new season of the show about fish tacos. And another peculiar ingredient that everyone in Ensenada puts in their fish taco batter is yellow ballpark mustard. My favorite one is with just water, and it comes out beautifully.

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