Tips for dating a canadian

Hockey isn’t just a sport, it’s a National past time.

Even if your Canadian isn’t that into hockey (like yours truly), if you want to keep the peace, you still need to respect the sport.

In other studies and polls, Toronto has been named the “most resilient city” and the “most youthful city” in the world, while Vancouver is known as the third “most livable” city in the world, just edging out Toronto and Calgary, also great places to call home. “Je t’aime.” Canadians learn French, the language of love, in school.

Contrary to popular opinion, “polite” doesn’t mean “boring.” Sure, you can take a Canadian home to meet Mom and Dad, but, according to this poll, they’re also pretty sexy and cool, too. The OECD’s Better Life Index, which looks at health, income, jobs and life satisfaction, ranks Canada fifth in the world.

" (It's something hockey coaches say, but it's just a good rule for life.)c) Great hockey joke: "You know why Canadians do it doggy-style?

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If you’re getting ready for a first date sometime soon, maybe you can use these to help you. Here are a few other things that Canadian singles really don’t like during first dates.

On the flip side, when it comes to blizzards, Canadians know how to keep their cool (no pun intended! Your Canadian will say “sorry” a lot – and often to complete strangers.

It’s not because they are trying to apologize for their existence, it’s that in Canada the word “sorry” is often interchangeable with “excuse me.” 6.

But, yes, most of them own cuddle-friendly sweaters. Canadians are actually pros at dealing with the winter chill. (As if to further prove this point, a Canadian invented Trivial Pursuit.) 11. Compared to their neighbours south of the border, Canadian “conservatives” are relatively liberal.

In fact, Canada is the second-most educated country in the world.

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