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Sorry, it appears that we were hacked and re-directed.We are still under the same ownership with the same mission. If you love this site and think we deserve a little pizza, beer and maybe some Netflix, feel free to donate as much or as little as you want. Show some love by donating or just send us an encourgaing email!They must be afraid of the affairs as they cannot stay together all the time. They move all across the country and they meet many people and may be they will leave them one day and many other fears can make your life like hell. What do you think your wife talks about with her friends while you’re on the road?“Learn to adjust to celebrate [events] when the driver is home, instead of by when they are on the calendar.” And because truckers’ time off can be sporadic, couples often find that some schedules work better than others.For Livingstone, having her husband home for a few days in between three-week-long trips was better than having him work a local route where he was home every night but too tired to do anything but work, eat and sleep.

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Livingstone, who started ATruckers after her husband became a truck driver, notes the importance of tactful communication.

We are ensuring that it doesn't happen again in the near future.

You will have to face lots of issues if you think of dating a truck driver.

When he is driving, you will probably not like to give him more stress as he is already very much stressed and when he comes back to home, he is too much tired that he prefers sleeping and talking to none.

Certainly a girl or a man, whose boyfriend or girlfriend stays outside most of the time must be having some trust issues.

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