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Yes, the Bible teaches that there is one God, but the oneness doctrine is just another definition of trinity: three modes in which the divine essence exists, or that Jesus and the Holy Ghost are Yahweh. Regarding dress, I know many Apostolic Pentecostals.

I feel sorry for those people that have been brainwashed into believing the lies about the trinity, there is no such thing. Religion is like ice-cream..there are many different flavors but the main ingredients are the same.

In Acts it tells you that you are to be baptized in Jesus Name, not in the father, son and holy ghost. ..sister/brother better come to Crum and look around in a ten mile radius..starting at Webb going to Crum. down to Marrowbone, go N to Stonecoal or S to Kermit... One Christ One Holy Ghost.tongues is a gift not a neccisity to get to heaven..will come in his name but only a few will be in his name..Apostolic Pentecostals believe in outward standards of modesty dresses and skirts only for ladies and sleeves at least down to the elbow, and no shorts or pants, also no shorts for men either, the body is to be covered.No where in the Bible does it speak of the "trinity" this is a manmade doctrine not God's.Although outwardly obeying the Apostolic doctrine for dressing, let me assure everyone that they amply resemble this observation of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.Matthew -28 There is NO modesty existing at all either in the unrestrained jumping and bouncing, what you call "dancing in the spirit", done in your church services.

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