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Like many of Australia’s greatest artists, the question at the heart of Nolan’s work is an inventive and occasionally poignant pursuit of both understanding and articulating Australian identity, what it means to be Australian and what makes Australian identity unique, valuable, or special.

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I certainly don’t know its end but I’m inspired and excited to begin to mark the cliff.” Award-winning documentary director, Sally Aitken (https:// Tall), will helm a major new film on Sidney Nolan's art and life in 2018.I hope ours will be a new story of the why and how and genesis of great art.Less the retelling of a biography and more the capturing of an essence of one of the 20th century’s most influential and ironically, (given the amount of literature devoted to his life), under-examined artists.It doesn’t bear his signature Ripolin paint shimmering across the surface, nor the iron mask of Ned Kelly appearing in the gumtrees.(Or, come to think of it, even digitized onto bronzed bodies as per Nolan 96 on Bondi Beach -

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