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Finally after days of deciding I chose to do something new. After about a week of thinking about it I decided to suck it up and try it. I scrolled through the list of people and finally saw someone that I thought I would get along with- under the name Love Sucks.

That Friday after my shift at Newton's I drove into Port Angeles to go to a Cyber Café. I didn't want to meet anyone I knew on here so I would go by my middle name- Marie. I clicked on the name and began to personal message the person.

-Breaking Dawn- Bella - *Marries Edward* Edward - Score!! *Takes Bella hunting* *Vorturi attacks* Edward - D: *Takes Aros hand* Aro - I see.

Bella - *Has baby* Jacob - *Inprintes on Renesmee- Bella - *Turns into a vampire* Edward - Woooooo!

In New Moon Bella pretty much thinks she can hear Edward by doing idiotic and reckless things. And she complains about this "hole" in her chest through out the book. However, she doesn't really give him an answer until like the end of Eclipse, or something. And they turned Bella into a horny bitch at the end. I have NOTHING to say about it, only that is sucks and you shouldn't read it. Bella ends up getting pregnant with Eddie's child. Killing Bella slowly as it grows inside her, blah, blah.

So on, Alice and Bella run off to Italy to find Mr.

16 release, and had a few jokes about the usually PG series' foray into adulthood.

-Sucks venom out- Bella - : D-New Moon- Edward - I'm leaving now Bella - Bye.

: D Edward - *Growls* Bella - *Gets bitten* Edward - NUUUEEEE!

Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart kicked off their domestic press tour for Breaking Dawn Part 2 yesterday with their costar Taylor Lautner.

The on-again couple spoke with a variety of outlets, including MTV, about the finale of the Twilight saga.

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