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You might be able to boost performance, and add horsepower and torque, by using a new chip or a computer chip programmer.The 1500 Computer Chip Programmer for the Chevy Silverado is perfect for drivers who want to increase horsepower and get better fuel mileage without spending a fortune on factory-installed features. A process called chip tuning involves altering the erasable programmable read only memory chip in the ECU.This advanced instrument maximizes transmission operation so that drivers can get the most power possible while saving fuel, even during sudden acceleration, and once at a steady cruising speed, drivers will find their ride extraordinarily satisfying, both from the improved performance of their Chevy Silverado as well as finding money left in their wallets. Vehicle owners can add power to their ride, or boost fuel efficiency and clean emissions. Just look for your make, model, and year, and the right programmer can be purchased without a hassle. Torque~ Level 1: Transmission Tuning Only~ Speed Limiter / Tire / DTC / Internet Updateable CARB E. Programmers can afford you control over the fuel injection system, firing timing, and transmission settings.

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