Updating a kitchen island

This really helped me to visualize the final design and get an accurate cost estimate for all the materials needed. Once the bead board panels were in place, it was time to install the 1×4 boards to begin the board and batten installation.In this short video, it shows the basic steps of the installation. First, I measure where the edges of the vertical corner boards will be and center the bead board grooves in that space. We started with the corner boards of the middle section. The tablesaw was the best tool for the mitered edge on these corners.The vertical boards will go the entire length of the space from top to bottom on the corners only.

I started out with a few quick sketches of the island.Next we nailed on the horizontal boards on top and bottom, in-between the corners.Once those were in place, we nailed in the other vertical dividers, and spaced them evenly.The 90 degree corner pieces, at the very end were a little bit tricky.I wanted to wrap the molding around the corner to cover the old corner up entirely.

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