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By way of example, if Customer has purchased 10 licenses of Software (Permitted Number is 10) and Customer elects to install the Software on a Server, then Customer can only allow up to 10 Server Software Users the access to the Software (even though Customer may have more than 10 Network Users or fewer than 10 concurrent users of the Software). For clarification and without limitation, the foregoing does not permit Customer to install or access (either directly or through commands, data, or instructions) the Software: (a) from or to a Computer not part of Customer’s Internal Network; (b) for enabling web hosted workgroups or web hosted services available to the public; (c) by any individual or entity to use, download, copy, or otherwise benefit from the functionality of the Software unless licensed to do so by Adobe; (d) as a component of a system, workflow or service accessible by more than the Permitted Number of users; or (e) for operations not initiated by an individual user (e.g., automated server processing). This Section 2.2 applies to Customers who have purchased a membership-based license or service such as the Creative Cloud membership (collectively, “Membership”).

1.4 “Computer” means a virtual or physical device that accepts information in digital or similar form and manipulates it for a specific result based on a sequence of instructions, including without limitation desktop computers, laptops, tablets, mobile devices, telecommunication devices, Internet-connected devices, and hardware products capable of operating a wide variety of productivity, entertainment, or other software applications.Upon the expiration or termination of the Membership Term, (x) some or all of the Software may cease to operate without prior notice and (y) Customer may not use the Software unless Customer has renewed the membership.All terms related to the specific Software as stated in this Agreement shall remain effective and continue to apply to Customer and its use of such Software. Customer agrees to the following additional terms and restrictions related to the Membership: (a) Adobe may change the type of Software (such as specific products, components, versions, platforms, languages, etc.) included in the Membership at any time and shall not be liable to Customer whatsoever for such change; (b) Customer may be required to connect to the Internet and log in at any time during the Membership Term; (c) Software may automatically connect to the Internet to verify Customer’s Membership without notice at any time; and (d) Customer may not enable or allow others to use the Software as Customer. Unless stated otherwise in the “Read‑Me” files, Documentation, or other license(s) associated with the Content Files, Customer may use, display, modify, reproduce, and distribute any of the Content Files.The Software is LICENSED, NOT SOLD, only in accordance with the terms of this agreement.Use of some Adobe and some non-Adobe materials and services included in or accessed through the Software may be subject to additional terms and conditions.

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