Updating connection failed nm ifupdown

After another reboot (requested by the Ubuntu system), I had a proper X-server running again. this time it completed package installations and configurations.- Pursuing a private little project to cut and author some video DVD, I ran accross kdenlive.I did a netinstall of Stretch last weekend and noted that wireless cards had changed from wlan0 to the systemd naming scheme; something like:wlp3s0On my stretch system there is an and replace eth0 or wlan0 with the newer naming scheme If renaming the interfaces fails, another fix for you may be to roll back your updates and if you have not cleaned out the pkg cache it should be possible.

Some the releases I liked more, some less - especially with the past few releases, the "feeling" was not quite right for me.

(It might well be that some of the issues I didn't like on the 64-bit architecture have already been addressed.

With my next full re-install, I might give 64-bit a chance again -- let's see when it's due.) With Gutsy Gibbon, I switched back from 64-bit to plain 32-bit.

My life with Ubuntu before Edgy is documented on my page on Warty, Hoary, Breezy and Dapper.

This page also holds various interesting miscellaneous links.

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