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Is there any use in changing the copyright year in each file only because Jan 1st has passed? So if you know one, I would be more than happy to learn about it. As for the reason you don't do it for every single file, there are historical considerations, you don't update a file that has not been touched since 2000.Or did you mean because it's trivial most often folks don't care if it is necessary or not and so because of the trivial nature it's very easy to do mistakes? AFAIK from a legal standpoint (alone) you should not update the file only because it is January 1st.For example, I have template where I have to have a statement to the effect of '© 2012 xxxxxxxxxxxx plc'.It seems I have to keep updating the template every year just to take care of the date update. I did the same thing as Hans, but not on the slide master.source-tree to update the copyright year", that's exactly the issue I had in the project I mention, and placeholder is exactly the solution that solved it for us.Regarding authors claiming credits..., that would probably be a different question, consider posting it separately So your answer to the question "Updating Copyright Headers each new Year just because Jan 1st has passed?Our friendly customer support team is available 24/7.

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I can't help myself but have problems to see why someone wants to do such superfluous stuff, albeit I know some projects are doing this (for example Zend Framework 1 in 2012). Although I would agree the copyright should only be updated in files that were actually updated, the reason for that, would be an entirely different then [email protected]: Probably my problem is I don't see a reason to update the headers only because it's January 1st. You can just run this script and it will automatically update any headers for you to the correct format, and also tell you about any files without headers.This is useful when new contributions are added to ensure the correct copyright, or come January of a new year.These activities, taken together, will promote excellent outcomes for all stakeholders and ensure that the reputation of England’s higher education provision is further enhanced.They will strengthen a sector which is critical to the country’s success as an advanced economy and a flourishing, democratic society, and enable us to demonstrate an impressive return on the public investment in higher education.

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