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All of that, and plenty more will be revealed on our PS5 Games Page! We'll update this page frequently as technology changes and grows, to give you a better idea of what to expect in the far future of the Play Station brand.

New technology is revealed on a yearly basis, and this page will represent what we feel is accurate at the current time of writing.

• Ubisoft's CEO Believes the PS5 is at Least 2 Years Away • Could the PS5 be a Portable/Console Hybrid? • The PS5 Will Run at 8 Teraflops for 4K • VR is The Future (Sorry 4K TVs) We all know it's coming, but no one seems to know exactly when.

Our latest evidence points to a release date in 2020.

Today's game consoles are complex machines, so we've created a complex page to predict the hardware Sony will use in the PS5.

Sony will most likely offer a killer look when the PS5 is released, but we've already got our best artist on the case.

For all the best concepts and designs, check out our PS5 concept designs page.

Find out when and where the executives of Sony have confirmed the PS5 in our PS5 Confirmed Page! At a minimum, we believe the PS5 will release at a 9 price point, but we are considering a 9 option as a possibility.

The availability of the hardware and the state of the economy will be huge factors here.

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