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We can only offer this type of guarantee because of the care we take to ensure our motor fuels are of the highest quality. You can buy your fuel from Quik Trip with complete confidence. * Quik Trip reserves the right to investigate all claims submitted.

Damages caused by fuel that is not approved by the manufacturer of your vehicle will not be covered under this guarantee.

These questions resonate in turn with debates prompted by popular theatrical productions like , which not only evidences revolutions in storytelling and casting practices, but famously inspired a twitter war between artists and politicians about the role of theatre as “safe space” or platform for protest.

We see questions about safe space and protest rising on college campuses: demonstrations and counter-demonstrations by right and left, changing policies regarding academic freedom, the development of professor watch lists, conceal and carry laws, designation of sanctuary campuses, and the ongoing impact to students especially vulnerable under new policies, including undocumented and transgender students.

All Quik Trip motor fuel is guaranteed not to harm your engine.

That means if you ever have an engine problem with your vehicle caused by Quik Trip motor fuel, Quik Trip will take care of the problem.

Although we may purchase our motor fuel from a specific refiner, the fuel we pull out of the pipeline has been mixed with fuels from a number of refineries, and is therefore generic.

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How might theatre scholarship serve a meaningful public function, engaging with performances – both artistic and civic – that surround us?

Some retailers offer higher levels of additives, but only in their premium grades, forcing drivers to pay a premium price for the added benefit.

At Quik Trip, we put the same high level of detergent additives in every grade of gasoline we sell. Quik Trip gasoline has been recognized and approved as a Top Tier detergent gasoline by seven of the world's top automakers, including General Motors, Toyota, BMW, Honda, Volkswagen, Mercedes-Benz and Audi.

Groups claiming its ethos arguably play with tropes of revolution alongside those of racial superiority, misogyny, and nativism.

Consideration of how contemporary and historical enactments of US foundational stories perform race and gender, as well as erasure of the land’s history before colonization, raises complex questions concerning representation and revolution in this context.

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