Updating hp thin clients

The following products were selected based on input from industry analysts and Search editors, and specifications are current as of August 2007.Product: Adaptec Inc.; Snap Server Manager Maximum Storage: 44TB in one Snap Server RAID Support: RAID-0; RAID-1; RAID-5 Hot Spare Support: Yes; it supports global hot spares and local hot spares Automated Discovery: Yes; automates the discovery of Snap OS- and Guardian OS-powered Snap Servers (local and remote) in a fraction of the time needed by manual administration.And finally, Trend Micro is focusing on the virtual desktop environments that the other solutions don't cover.There is no single antivirus vendor that has all of the pieces in a single solution.

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Virtual patching can help to reduce traditional patching time and complexity; it is also suggested that it can be used to help extend some legacy systems against new threats (Windows XP anyone? Trend Micro continues to leverage the Control Manager product that provides a single pane of glass that administrators look for.Backup Support: Yes; Bak Bone Net Vault [included with Snap Server Manager], VERITAS Net Backup/Backup Exec, CA Bright Stor ARCserve/Enterprise, Legato Net Worker, Microsoft Backup Software for Windows 95, 98, Me, NT, 2000, XP, and NDMP v2,v3, v4.Virtualization Support: Not provided Security Features: Provides antivirus support through CA e Trust Antivirus and encryption for data transfers Other Key Features: Single console to manage a storage infrastructure with multiple Snap Servers; intuitive GUI provides centralized management of the entire storage infrastructure, including physical devices, global network configuration and administration, and capacity planning; customized groupings so IT managers can administer their Snap Server storage infrastructure in the way that best fits their business: by department, by location, by application, or by user; allows users to simultaneously configure a group of Snap Servers in a single operation to eliminate redundant administrative tasks, reduce errors and assure consistent settings across servers; IT managers can generate business-centric reports based on the server grouping for capacity planning or chargeback purposes.This additional perimeter security layer can be used with resources such as email, point of sale devices, and data storage.As social media tools continue to encroach on the enterprise, Trend Micro has extended its security suite by including protection for the social media pieces including malicious URLs and other identity theft vulnerabilities.

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