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The NAR report also ranked a kitchen upgrade as the most attractive to buyers and the project most likely to increase property value. Buyers want a kitchen worthy of a spread in Better Homes and Gardens magazine, but you won’t get back the money you sink into the upgrade? There’s got to be a way to make kitchen updates work, so we went hunting for ideas.

After we dug through the internet, found kitchen update success stories, talked to a few of the best real estate agents in the country, and interviewed a professional stager we found 8 kitchen update ideas that are low cost, do it yourself solutions that transform your kitchen and actually get you a return on your investment.

"You can always move them around or put them away."7. New drapes can really spruce up a space, but think twice about the type of treatment you hang on the window above your sink.

"You don't want something with too much fabric that could get ruined from splashing," says Scott.

Those options are fun, but they get old fast," Scott warns.2. Kristy Kropat, an interior designer based in San Francisco, recently moved into a new home, but she didn't love the kitchen.

The 2015 National Association of Realtors Remodeling Impact Report listed a cost recovery of only 67% after a complete kitchen remodel."The average backsplash is between 10 and 40 square feet." His point: It's an easy-to-tackle area that won't break the bank."Even if you're spending a square foot, you're talking about a couple hundred bucks in tiles."Don't have the skills to install tile or cash for a contractor? Just make sure you pick up a semi-gloss, Kristy adds.Display your favorite dishes and bowls to add a bit of interest to the room.4. Think of small appliances as decorative accessories.An orange fridge might be too bold (and too expensive) for most homeowners.

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