Updating multiple columns in a table

You create queries and work with views including charts, pivot tables, and narratives.You then create selectors to drive interactivity in your Business Intelligence requests, and build a custom Dashboard to contain the requests and views you've created.You can also limit the list of choices by setting a match criteria using the Match drop-down menu and entering a string, then clicking the All Choices link.

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Later, you will add these different types of views to a dashboard.

Under the Legends icon in the column area of the left side of the Chart view, select Prod Category to create a separate line in the chart for each product category.

Click the Redraw button at the bottom to confirm the change.

The default aggregation rule is set in the Oracle BI repository metadata, but can be overridden using controls in the Edit Formula dialog box accessed through the Edit Formula icon in the Edit Table view or the Criteria tab.

Click the Column Properties icon above the Amount Sold (000) column.

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