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It extracts keystroke requests from incoming requests and sends back snapshots of the local screen via UDP packets. It is written in Java and should run on any Java platform.

Replicating the appearance of a DOS screen in Java was a challenge.

Possible network cards are listed in \Novell\Client32\Drivers.

Note that some PCI cards require that you set the SLOT variable in SETTINGS. A Virtual PC configured to boot directly into TINY from a virtual floppy so you can play with it without needing an actual DOS machine.

I was told by several companies that this could not be accomplished. Not only can I remote control the dos machine, now I can remote control the entire computer via VNC including the dos machine from any machine on our network." "Thank very mach.

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It also contains the RGB values for the the VGA text mode color set.To make sure I got all the DOS colors exactly right, I had to dump the color table out of an old VGA card.To make sure I got the font exactly right, I dumped the font table out of an old VGA card.There is even a program that can control DOS machines from DOS machines. I wanted the TINY host to be very small and reliable also. The protocol is simple and you can get hosts and viewers for most platforms and can control on platform from another.There were not any good programs that could control a DOS machine from a Windows machine. I wanted to be able to control a DOS machine from a wide variety of modern machines using a simple protocol.

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