Updating windows and siding

We have a lot of lead paint and have done a lot of research on remediation.It’s a long haul, and most of the work can be done by hardcore DIYers.I wanted to write this post as a community service to old house lovers and those people who are considering buying an old house.I’m going to talk real, and let you know what I wish someone told us before we bought an old house.

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I won’t go into a lot of detail, but if you see cracked paint or chipping flaking paint, ask some questions and have your inspector test it.

I think if you’re like us, buying an old house is exciting because we love the character that old houses have, and we are the people to save them. Here’s the thing: I’ve chatted with people that don’t have an old house and they have many of the same issues. But during your first year of home ownership you want to keep the surprises to a minimum and your pocket book in check.

The items listed below are not specific to only old homes, but things I wish I would have looked out for. This is the number one thing I wish we would have done.

I’m not saying these wouldn’t have happened if the house wasn’t empty, but I think it contributed in a big way to some of the issues we encountered.

When a house is not used and systems just sit there, like no water circulation and no air circulation, and no human intervention for critters, problems start cropping up. We had 200 bats in our attic and they had been calling Stony Ford their home for YEARS.

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