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200 for success, and 400 for failure) so that your web site Java Script processes can submit forms, know if the submission was successful or not, and then take further custom actions based on the result.This "AJAX Mode" is useful for: When using PDF or text template files, you can specify rules for file name creation so that each post can have a different or unique name.You can also receive simple notices of new form posts to email addresses, via regular text addresses, or to Secure Chat. You or your Web designer can modify your existing forms, make new forms hosted elsewhere, or use Secure Form visual form builder to make and host new forms.

A few minutes is all that it takes to update an existing form to send its data to Secure Form for processing and delivery or storage.Use our web interface to configure what happens to the data that is submitted via your form.There are a variety of options available, allowing you to totally customize how your forms behave and how the data is processed.If saving your data to a hosted My SQL database, Secure Form provides an audit trail of views and deletions (if such are permitted) of all rows of posted data accessed via our API or or Web-based Form Database viewer. Users of your Web-based forms can sign a written signature using their mouse, stylus, or finger, and it's possible to capture and deliver that signature along with your form post. You can order Private Labeling and then customize all URLs so that Lux Sci's domain names are not visible anywhere.The post can even auto-append to refilled PDF templates or inserted inline in refilled HTML templates. You will also need to buy your own TLS certificate or purchase one from Lux Sci.

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