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Encounter with Black Eyed Blonde Hair Pale Skin Being One day after visiting my mother I had just left her house headed home.About a mile leaving from her home there is a four way stop with a convenient store …She and her husband fell out of love and they parted ways, but there’s no denying that there’s a tremendous void in her life after spending most of her adulthood with one man. She’s trying to put her life back together, trying to figure out how she’ll keep her upper middle-class lifestyle post-divorce, trying to get happy and be a good role model for her children.Furthermore, Shana hasn’t dated since her mid-20’s and feels woefully inexperienced. She knows, intellectually, that she’d like to fall in love and get married again someday, and likes to think that she would be receptive should a good man enter her life.

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The violent battle between Zeus and Typhon, the deadly stare of Medusa, the vicious rage of a werewolf, or the lethal charm of Count Dracula all can be felt under the skin when we hear their tales all over again. Many of us have had encounters with the paranormal and the supernatural. That's what this page is about - getting as many people as possible to share their personal encounters with the supernatural, in vivid description, for all to witness.Phoenix Sighting, the Night Fliers, and the Patch of Grass My experiences have been, by far, not the strangest posted on this page, but they still may be of some interest. I'm percent 100 serious and really want to know thank you and here's my short story. Running Away From Cut-Off Heads and Other Extreme Sports I was sixteen at that time. It was rather strange..first even I had not believed myself, but as the event lead on my gut had given me a feelng that my suspicion had been correct; …This story is very creepy and it might have happened to a lot of other people. My Old Imaginary Friend Possessed My Little Brother! The beauty is, though, that the experience doesn't have to be direct. Aside from our instincts, the only other way we learn fear is through experience.

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