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Symfony provides web framework as separate bundles.The common bundles used in Symfony web framework are as follows − Symfony web framework is based on Model-View-Controller (MVC) architecture.Symfony Installer is used to create web applications in Symfony framework. After executing the above command, open your browser and request the url Symfony is basically a collection of high quality components and bundles.Now, let’s configure the Symfony installer using the following command. Components are collection of classes providing a single core functionality.Symfony core web-framework is a bundle called Framework Bundle and there is a bundle called Framework Extra Bundle, which provides more sophisticated options to write a web application.

We will use PHP built-in development web server for this tutorial. The following command is used to create a project using the composer.

It has a flexible configuration using YAML, XML, or annotations.

Symfony integrates with an independent library and PHP Unit.

The Symfony framework consists of several components, such as the Http Foundation component that understands HTTP and offers a nice request and response object used by the other components.

Others are merely helper components, such as the Validator, that helps to validate data. Kernel is basically the ‘main class’ that manages the environment and has the responsibility of handling a http request.

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