Vertrual dating dating football fans

Biologically, humans are programmed to find people who are a good genetic match for them the most attractive in order to produce the healthiest offspring.

In 2003 it cost million to sequence DNA from a cell. DNA analysis – with the potential to unlock the innate laws of attraction – could cost as little as 00 by 2040.

And Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg said that he doesn't "think that good virtual reality is fully there yet." He said it'll take about another decade. He said Facebook will probably spend over billion during the next decade to improve VR technology.Increased affordability will allow more extensive research into this field, in turn giving us a clearer insight into how our own genetic make-up plays a role in physical and emotional attraction.The growing ‘hyper-connectivity’ between our devices – known as the ‘Internet of Things’ – together with the increasing popularity of wearable technology will transform how people meet by 2040.Instead of filling out a questionnaire, romantic ‘matching’ could become even more accurate through online behavioural tracking and interpreting live reactions such as heart rate, facial recognition, and even neural signals in your brain.By 2040, our genetic make-up, along with chemical & electrical signal analysis will be used to understand our online dating preferences.

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