Vintage scarves identifying fabric and dating alternatives to radiocarbon dating

You may get lucky and find a pattern or two at a garage sale, estate sale, or even at a local thrift shop.

Generally, however, you will need to find these specialty fabrics on the Internet.

You may begin to see some reds in the 1930s fabrics. Paisley is another pattern that you can find a lot of from this decade.

In addition to the basic colors you can find pink and teal combinations.

All of the fabrics are authentic; there are no reproduction fabrics on site.

Antique Fabrics stocks over 5000 yards of vintage fabric that date from the 1850s to the 1970s. Revival Fabrics has authentic vintage fabric from the 1920s to the 1970s.

removing the tag allows one to fold the scarf also in the other axis, which brings out the purple corners, and different aspects of the harness One of the most striking examples is the Coupons d'Indiens But even scarves with limited colors and patterns (see Quadrige below) come out differently enough for me to remove the tag.They also carry vintage linens, feed sacks, and other vintage items for the home.Sharon's Antique Vintage Fabrics has everything from feed sacks to vintage upholstery fabrics.The yardage is limited and if you find something you love you should buy it; you may not get a second chance.When these old fabrics can be found, they are often somber colors of navy blue, black, and gray.

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