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S (pronounced Woo-hah.) She is there to steal the plans to his ultimate mind control device, the HC 5000. He parades her around the room like a robot and orders her to be a sexy, purring kitten. She talks like a horny hooker and starts to strip off her clothes.His cock rages in its steel trap which causes the steel to squeeze and pull on his balls, but no matter how much it hurts he is entranced.He cannot stop worshiping her ass, and sucking on her big perfect tits.She easily casts a quick spell, making him crave her strap-on cock.Superman is humiliated as he crawls to her and deep throats her strap-on. She strips off his suit (leaving the chastity device on) and bends him over to get fucked. This may be the only way you will be able to fuck from now on.

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