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Personally, I’m not interested in someone that needs to be so protective of their ego.

But most girls probably don’t analyze this so deeply 🙂 5.

It’s very possible that what turns me off about a dating profile might not bother some one else. Just by being on the site you already need to be working against a girl’s anxious suspicion that you might be a total creep.

But I think I’m a pretty typical gal, so there’s a good chance other girls feel the same way I do. The last thing you need is anything in your profile that is going to confirm that fear! Be the best looking person in your pictures Especially in your main photo, but ideally in all of your photos.

If I can’t get a good idea of what you look like from any of your pictures, there’s almost no way I’m going to respond.

Disclaimer: This is purely based on my personal experiences and preferences. Above all else – as a guy trying online dating, the last thing you want is to look angry or intimidating!!!If I go out to a bar maybe one or two guys will approach me to strike up a conversation, which I’ll almost always engage in (unless they attempt some a-hole opener) because I’m a decent human being and open to engaging with other decent human beings. When I first started I wanted to respond to each person (unless they attempt some a-hole opener) because I’m a decent human being, and it seems decent to respond to another human being that reached out to you.Unfortunately it quickly became apparent that the logistics of this simply did not work out.As best as possible, your profile should be a reflection of yourself.So think about how it reflects on you, and what it says about the time/energy you would invest in a relationship if you put no effort into your profile.

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