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The corresponding error codes returned are classified as the 'Business Error Codes".

The following are the possible errors related to the business logics.

For example: https://intlmapi.alipay.com/gateway.do? service=notify_verify&partner=2088101122136241¬ify_id= 4465b04e84cb6bacc2bd1b52232c0b8gjg&sign=ci SBXc7gj Cf XW8KMBx Fi FH2cb MZt Felf TOGKq Y2NF7q98Rn H3E+i F5Cj/u+l8py1D/Os E/Ava1ls8A6Tw1Mzh G6ide JSgh4Fx Wm Aj Enlczdf Lj/qz A6q Gzxd KGEXa SDFm TGgl Oemb XUq K8g8aj ICD+BH7xox BRY7vtfyl EXtojs=&sign_type=RSA For more details, please refer to the API document of notify_verify.

This section illustrates the steps needed for demo code approach.

Take JAVA demo code using MD5 signature algorithm as an example.

(the value is given to parameter “sign”) After receiving the pre-sign string during responding from Alipay system, the next step is the same as the procedure of Sign for request.

When the 32-byte signature result string is generated, it should be verified whether the value is equal to the value of the parameter “sign”. Both private key and public key are necessary for DSA or RSA signature.

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