Wapasu dating

Some jokingly refer to Wapasu as "Wapatraz." Over at the Village, things aren't quite as harsh.There's even a bar onsite – but it closes early, and you're not allowed to have more than two drinks per night.Many of us get stuck paying inflated prices for cigarettes or smuggled-in drugs and alcohol.

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Adam Boucher was an elder of the Fort Mc Kay First Nation, descended directly from the hereditary leaders of the Chipewyan people, who in the 19th century had intermarried with French and Scottish voyageurs as they established traplines for the North West Company and Hudson’s Bay Company.Living in a camp means you get free room and board, including three substantial meals a day.But if you're not careful, the isolation and boredom can wear on you.The biggest load to ever grace the Canadian highway system – an 859-ton module that was bigger than two Olympic swimming pools – passed through earlier this year.Most of us drive -a-gallon gas-guzzling 4x4s, but most of us also have company gas cards, so fuel economy isn't much of a concern.

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