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To make it real easy to control, click on the button in the center of the arrows with the spyglass icon. In this mode, you can draw a box around an object and it will pan/tilt/zoom to that object. The first is Conditions where you set the image settings.

If you just click on the screen, it centers the image at the point of your click. Below you can see there’s a sub-menu in the center with different choices, in this case, I clicked on Exposure that allows you to change settings to the shutter settings, WDR, BLC, HLC and such.

What makes this camera unique from other PTZ as well as other IR PTZ’s from Dahua or Hikvision is that it can tilt up 15 degrees above the horizon.

If you have ever owned a PTZ, you know what I mean, very annoying when you can’t see past the horizon.

What comes in the box is the camera, a wall mount, a collar to attach the camera to the mount and a 24V power supply (not Po E).

Dahua has become a PTZ leader in the industry with a large assortment of megapixel PTZ cameras.

The next menu is Video where you set the resolution and compression settings for the main and sub streams The overlay tab in Video allows you to set what is displayed as an overlay on the image.

To use it, you pan/tilt/zoom to the location you want to save, click Add, give it a name if you like and click the Save button.You can draw a privacy mask anywhere the camera can see.In this case, I drew a box around the house across the street from me. If I pan away, I don’t see the mask, pan back and the mask is there over the house. One key thing with PTZ cameras is ability to set presets.This is one of Dahua’s latest PTZ cameras with IR LEDs and 30X optical zoom.If you have lower zoom needs, the same camera is available with a 12X zoom as the SD59212S-HN.

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